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Upgrade D&B Podcast featuring Dj’s and Mc’s from around the world.


Part 2 of the 4/20 double feature we welcome Rebellion from San Diego with the mix "The Art of Chessboxing" this one will take you on a journey through many styles and sounds. Rebellion is constantly killin the dancefloors from LA to SD and we are pumped to have him droppin the heat. so sit back, light one up and enjoy! 

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2015 marks Rebellion's (re·bel·li·on) 12 years of DJ'ing in the underground world of bass music; providing consistent soundbwoy killings to the dance floors all over southern California and abroad. Founder of West Coast Pressure Radio in 2006, he has steadily been mainly pushing the sounds of Jungle Drum&Bass music along with fellow co-host Shawnliu. He has also held down multiple residencies thru the years in both San Diego & Los Angeles. Rebellion brings eclectic tastes with grooves from all over the spectrum of Jungle music; From Liquid, Neurofunk to Ragga fuk'n Jungle! Expect this bass assassin to come at the listeners from all angles + BPM's in the breakbeat/bass culture realm. Stealth, surprise, long blends, quick attacks + double drops are all a part of his repertoire as he takes you on a journey thru frequencies and vibrations in sound.

Intro "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" (You Are Already Dead)

01 Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Two Swords Technique)

02 DatA - Kyoshojutsu

03 Enei - The Artifact

04 Mako - Ya Know What I'm Saying

05 Digital - Figjam

06 OrtoKore - Cannibal Dub

07 Rockwell - Rehoku Sunrise [X Untold Mix]

08 Escher - Deep Architecture

09 SR x Digbee - Twisted Love

10 Acid Lab - Roots People

11 Spirit - Dial VIP

12 Arkho - Indulgence (dub)

13 SPY - Twilight Zone

14 Jynx - It Was All A Dream [Setwon Rmx]

15 The Archangel x Stada - Global Warning

16 6Blocc - Voices of Xibalba

17 Jahba - Snakecharmer

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We are kicking off the 4/20 double mix special with the legendary CRS? aka Curious, one of the west coast jungle scene's original bad boys. This man really needs no introduction so just make sure to check him out every week at www.deeprootedradio.com - video feed (computer link)www.dnbradio.com - audio feed (computer, cell phone, tablet link) and grab up those HERB'N jungle classics when ya find em! BIG UP CRS? thanks for the years of goodness. This mix is FIYA!! 

CRS?/Dj Curious 
Born and raised in Los Angeles CRS? has been in the music world all his life. His father before him being a recording engineer at one of L.A.’s top studio of the times “The Sound Factory” in Hollywood he was practically born in the studio. He started on drums at the age of 8 which so happened to be the same year he was first fascinated with the art of Dj’in. At age 13 he received his first pair of turntables and hasn’t put then down since. He has spun in almost every city in North America and has released records all over the world. Including numerous tracks on his own “Herbn’ Music” as well as fellow label mate APX1’s Ghetto Life label. Also being signed to Top Cat's 9 Lives label based out the UK. He produced the hit single "Jah vibes" for Tenor Fly he shows his skills as a producer as well as a dj. CRS? has released over 500 mix-tapes since getting into the drum and bass scene over 18 years ago. His current projects include producing and engineering hip-hop artist Big Bam the Boss an official DPG member and has performed in L.A., Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Portland, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Hawaii and have opened up for such artists as goldie, DJ Hype, Roni size, Kenny Ken, Grooverider, Fabio, LTJ Bukem, Dj Zinc, Taxman, Brian Gee, J.J. Frost, Total Science, John B., Mobb Deep, KRS-one, Lil’ John, Fat Joe, E-40, Too Short, Nelly, and Immortal Technique to name a few. Future projects include remixes of these hip-hop tracks as well as original drum and bass releases ranging from R&B styles to reggae and reggaeton flavors. A true veteran to the west coast flavor, CRS? represents what’s really going on in the streets of Los Angeles. “Our Ghetto". Now spreading the love for our culutre through series of monthly day parties called "I Love L.A." CRS? & Apx1 now give the oopurtunity to bring the L.A. scene together and express our different styles music all under one roof in just under 12 hours. The drum n bass scene in Los Angeles would be drastically different if not for the influence of the one like DJ CRS?. He has established himself as one of the godfathers of drum n bass here in the City of Angels. From rocking ol’ skool warehouse events back in the mid and late 90’s to rinsing clubs and massive from 2000 till today, CRS? is a name that frequents the lips of many established DJs within the Los Angeles circuit as an influence. His legacy doesn’t stop short with showcases behind the decks, but also include his production credits. He has roughly 30+ releases and hundreds of tunes he has passed out and played as “exclusives”. From the sounds of the dub/reggae influenced ragga jungle to aggressive amen sets even down to upfront drum n bass, CRS? is a rare DJ who has buck’d being pigeonholed and can play any style you want. He is lethal on the decks with the mix, has the ability to implore a jungle scratching technique perfected by few and most important is a favorite of dancefloors across the country.
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April 13, 2015

UP041415 - SLIM

On this episode we feature "Condition Black" a mix dedicated to the heavy hitting USDNB label Abducted LTD from SLIM aka Slim Selecta out of Southern California. He is also the first of the UPGRADE DNB residents to drop a mix on the podcast. BIG UP AND THANKS FOR LISTENING!!! 
Condition Black Track Selection:
  1. Stranjah - Severed Lines
  2. Cemtek - Coincidence
  3. Cemtek - Keep Digging
  4. Black Sun Empire - Potekim (S.P.Y Remix)
  5. Break - Groove With It
  6. Break - Status Low
  7. Volatile Cycle - Dark Ground
  8. Serum, Trex - Want You Back (Trex Remix)
  9. InsideInfo - The Plains
  10. Karma - Terminal VIP
  11. Teddy Killerz - Together
  12. Gridlok & Prolix - Mode M VIP
  13. Quest, Trex - Sodium
  14. Optiv & BTK - Ground Shaker ft Nuklear MC
  15. Nymfo - Tower Of David
  16. Mob Tactics - Mirror Mirror
  17. Volatile Cycle - Hot Rock
  18. Atic - Exile
  19. Dioptrics - Shatter
  20. Need For Mirrors - Greazy V.I.P
  21. Volatile Cycle - Tremors
  22. Optiv & BTK - Intruder feat Mindscape
  23. Liminal - Bad Reputation
  24. June Miller - Bad Brains
  25. S.P.Y - BRSTL Hardcore
  26. Prolix, Mob Tactics - Transmission
  27. Enei - Prometheus
  28. Atic - Tranqualize
  29. Cemtek - Stale Loaf
  30. Cemtek - Pulserate

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April 3, 2015

UP040315 - Repercussion

One of Mississippi's veterans on the DnB scene, RePercussion is back and better than ever! As one of the original members of Tightstep Concept, RePercussion has been around the block.  Starting out his music career at the age of nine, RePercussion has been a percussionist since.  He made the transition to Dj in 2001, and by 2003, he was playing parties with the likes of headliners such as Bailey, A Sides, Dylan, DJ Swamp,DJ Logic and Freaky Flow and MC Flipside, to name a few.  In 2003, he represented the state of Mississippi in the "Red Bull Southeastern DJ Competition" falling short only to the scratch skills of Simply Butta.  Since then, he has been honing his skills to become one of the South's leading names in Drum and Bass.  While he plays all types of Drum and Bass, live sets are based mostly on "The Vibe".  From Darkstep to Liquid, Tech to Heavy Rollers mixed with the perfect amount of Jungle Classics, he is sure to please the crowd with his abundance of variety.  RePercussion has played some of the south's most respected dnb scenes including WMC 2014 and most recently the 5 year anniversary of Nashville's weekly dnb event "Represent Drum and Bass". Residencies include Tightstep Concept's monthly all dnb show "Submerged" and also include the infamous New Orleans dnb crew "Hectic Bass".  You can also check him out frequently playing guest spots and featured mixes on the world's #1 drum and bass internet radio station www.bassdrive.com.  

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