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Upgrade D&B Podcast featuring Dj’s and Mc’s from around the world.


May 18, 2015

UP051815 - LIMINAL

In Association with the DNB Vault and Bassdrive.com, Upgrade DNB is very excited to bring you a fresh new mix from South Carolina's LIMINAL, This duo is on the major come up having tunes released on Audioporn, Cymbolism, Abducted LTD and more. The diverse sound that this duo will create is truly unique ranging in all styles of dnb. Hope you enjoy this 1.5 hour feel good, groovy get drown. And make sure to check these guys out this summer if ya can. Seriously an awesome production/dj duo who can hold it down on all ends of the spectrum. BIG UP LIMINAL, BASSDRIVE and THE DNB VAULT!! 

Track List:
Bachelors of Science "before you go” feat. Dylan Germick & Audio Angel
Lynx “Chord Time”
Break, DLR & Octane “Murmur” (VIP)
Liminal “Coursework”
Blue Screens “Clockaround”
Rowpieces “Brazil Calling”
Noisia “Incessant”
Emperor “Passed Up”
Friction & Ulterior Motive “Curfew”
Lynx “Lights Out” feat. Sense MC
Bachelors of Science “Satisfy” (170 Mix)
Liminal x Burner Brothers “Untitled”
Liminal x AK1200 “Wake Up”
Lynx “Into the Light”
Submorphics “Burning Love”
Flite “Colorless” (Liminal Remix Ft. Jwob)
Command Strange “Loveland”
Lynx “The Gift” feat. Zero One
Rowpieces “Always remember the roots”
Liminal “New Jack Disco”
Bachelors of Science “On the Line” feat. Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren
The Prototypes “Pop It Off” feat. Mad Hed City
Spor “Always Right, Never Left”
Station Earth “Summer Solstice”
Xtrah “We Exist”
Lynx “Circles” feat. Master X >>>> Lynx & Marcus Intalex “Ghost Train”
Pacific “Beautiful Guts”
Matrix & Futurebound “Glow Worm”
Culture Shock “City Lights”
Dave Owen “Yo Girl” (Jaybees Boot Camp VIP feat. TRAC)
High Contrast “Lovesick”
Liminal “Hot 4 u”
Marky , Makoto & Asides “Tonight”
Logistics “Sparks”
Kark K, Kaos & Jae Kennedy “Moonraker” (Liminal VIP)
Alix Perez “Crown City” >>> Logistics “Together”
Miguel “Sure Thing” (Liminal Remix)
Lynx “Genesis” feat. Malibu
Bachelors of Science “Blackfoot Dub” (DJ EDIT)
Future Cut “Propechy” >> High Contrast “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
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May 11, 2015

UP051115 - LOGIKAL


A Southern California native and currently living in Los Angeles, Logikal hosts the weekly drum & Bass radio show going five years strong, Signal Flow Radio.  Drum & Bass music producer and DJ playing weekly sets online and live to the masses, check out the tunes and website in the links below.






1- Outcast - Jubei
2- Trip It - Calibre
3- The Edge - Beta 2

4- Timeloop - Hybris
5- Deep Inside - Nu:Tone
6- Night Boss - Hybris
7- Think Twice - Bcee
8- Kestral - Logistics
9- Melvin Smasher - Logikal
10- The Jam (2014 VIP) - Survival
11- Election - Beta 2 & Zero T
12- Leave Me Alone - S.P.Y
13- The Rattler - Ulterior Motive
14- Where You At - State Of Mind
15- Deadly Melody - Artificial Intelligence
16- Open Up - Ulterior Motive
17- Response Signal - State Of Mind
18- Steeplechase - Royalston
19- Stutter - Misanthrop & Mefjus
20- No Surrender - Logikal
21- Expedition - Mefjus
22- Hang Up The Phone - PLA
23- Snarl - Frankee
24- Blacker VIP - D*Minds & Strikez
25- Impuls - Phace & Mefjus
26- Father, Can't You See I'm Burning? - High Contrast
27- Spring Heel Jack - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
28- If You Cry - Spor

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