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Upgrade D&B Podcast featuring Dj’s and Mc’s from around the world.


December 27, 2015

UP122715 - The Burner Brothers

The Burner Brothers have been rocking the east coast and beyond for many many years. These two have been staples in the american drum and bass scene releasing underground classics for over a decade. So, you can see why we are so excited to host an exclusive set from them. This mix is loaded with easily some of the biggest tunes of the year, including some monster tracks from they're label Patrol the Skies Music. Big up to the DNB/Junglist Massive world wide and thank you for tuning in. Track Listing coming soon.  

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December 9, 2015

UP120915 - DJ UV

Hailing from Wisconsin, This bad man is no stranger to the heavy side of the dnb! Bringing the heat for the latest podcast we are honored to have DJ UV getting down with us. If you are a fan of the big jump up sound, this mix is for you! Big up The MIA crew and junglist massive world wide! 

  1. above earth  - Chris Su & state of mind
  2. the edge ft. metropolis (black sun empire remix) - icicle
  3. nerves — the clamps
  4. badman - L33
  5. respirator - state of mind, jade
  6. FRQNCS - disprove
  7. trojan horse telekinesis remix - disaszt ft. coppa
  8. footpath ft. upbeats - insideinfo, mefjus
  9. running blind - noisia
  10. rubber - TR tactics
  11. warning - dj guv
  12. zero one upgrade remix - evenom
  13. play something - upfront
  14. quarter pounder bass serum remix - bassman
  15. slice and dice warning edit - dj guv
  16. evil face - dominator & flat T
  17. the truth hurts ft. jessica luck - majistrate
  18. get ready for this - danger, jack the ripper
  19. drop the beat - jack the ripper
  20. my word - danger
  21. dumbo - upgrade
  22. snake style refix - dj guv
  23. guilt danger and jack the ripper bootleg - nero
  24. popcorn majistrate remix - pleasure
  25. rise - majistrate 
  26. ganja - upgrade
  27. Kill Dem Again (Koznik & Khavy Remix) - J-Man feat. Daddy Freddy & Blackout JA
  28. gimme da gal - DJ Phantasy & Shodan (ft. UK Apache)
  29. Spyda Story / Back In The Day - Nicky Blackmarket ft MC Spyda
Make sure to follow him and check out other mixes on the links below! 

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